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A good commercial document should be clear and provide certainty.  When drafting documents we start by gaining an understanding of your concerns and your commercial objectives.  Once we draft a document we go over it with you to make sure that you understand how the terms will operate. 

We draft documents designed for a single transactions and templates documents that can be easily altered and used on multiple occasions.  Our documents are intended for both domestic and international transactions.  When dealing with international agreements we play special attention to the governing law and the dispute resolution clause.  Too often lawyers will nominate that disputes will be resolved via Australian courts without any consideration as to whether that judgement would be enforceable in the other country. This is a particular consideration for parties contracting with Chinese companies.

We often draft or review the following commercial agreements:

  1. Distribution agreements

  2. Sale of goods agreements

  3. Agency Agreements

  4. Terms and Conditions of trade

  5. Services Agreements

  6. Transport / logistics agreements

  7. Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements

Commercial Agreements: Service
Commercial Agreements: News & Updates
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