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CGT Law is an Australian law firm committed to providing high quality legal services to customs brokers, freight forwarders, transport companies, importers and exporters. 

What makes CGT Law different from most law firms is that we focus on the legal issues that impact international supply chains and logistics professionals.  

Business brings a lot of uncertainty.  This is magnified when it comes to international trade. A lawyer's job is to reduce uncertainty, not add to it.  We take the time to ensure we understand your unique situation so that we can give clear direction and an accurate fee quote.

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Russell Wiese is the founder and director of CGT Law.  Russell has specialised in customs and international trade law for 15 years.  His experience includes work within Government, “big 4” advisory and many years heading up the customs and global trade practice of a national law firm.  Since 2014 Russell has been privileged to be the trusted legal advisor of Freight and Trade Alliance and many of its members.

Russell regularly works with customs brokers and freight forwarders to complement the services those professionals provide to their importing or exporting clients. 

More broadly, Russell assists those involved in global trade with related commercial issues such as drafting agreements, parallel imports, product labelling, disputes between different parties in the international supply chain and regulatory compliance.

Russell is the current chair of the Australian Law Council’s Customs and International Transaction Committees and a member of the Australian Trade Remedies Forum and the Department of Home Affairs Customs Regulatory Advisory Committee. 

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